Triple Cheesemas – Byron (Ho ho ho)

This December, Byron launched the most un-Christmas-y hamburger ever. There’s no reindeer meat or turkey between gingerbread buns.
Just two 6oz hamburgers with three different cheeses and a spicy sauce. Which is fine by me!

The burger itself is a tower oozing with cheese, that instead of being called “Triple Cheesemas” should have been called “triple bypass” or “I hate having low cholesterol”.
Still, fine by me!

There’s lettuce in there too, so it should make it a bit healthier.

Back from the last time, the grill seem to have improved, at least for this burger. I asked for medium-rare, and it came medium. Better than the well-done from last time.
With that, the flavour of the meat became more pronounced, as it had more juices from a less cooked patty.
The cheese choices were well thought. All the cheeses are noticeable and mingle well with the meat.
Byron’s sauce is also good. Slightly spicy, but not too much.
However, with loads of juices and sauces flowing around, having a go at this burger without a fork and a knife is downright impossible. The buns get too soaked and start to desintegrate.

All together, they make an enjoyable hamburger, albeit, not too healthy I assume.
Price too high at 12, but I’m sure some will pay for the novelty (like myself).

As for drinks,

Dale’s Pale Ale.
At first it seems smooth and sweet, but the flavour gets very hoppy and bitter.

Food – 4.25/5
Choice of drinks – 3.5/5
Service – 4.25/5
Location – 5/5


Mo Shroom – Byron @ Westfield Shepard’s Bush

Byron is a well known Burger Restaurant chain in the United Kingdom.
As a restaurant, they offer a up-market look reminiscent of 1950’s diners, but center themselves heavily on Hamburgers.

This particular restaurant was my first contact with more “gourmet” hamburgers in the UK (read, non-fast-food). The staff is always polite and professional.
This month, particularly, they are supporting Movember, and like in previous years, there is a burger done to support it.

Enter the Mo shroom.

At first a bit unimpressive.

It is basically a Emmenthal cheese, cheeseburger with sliced Portobello mushrooms.

Like all Byron’s burgers, the buns have no sesame or seeds and are grilled for few moments. My top bun had to much char on the bread, leaving the distinctive burnt taste on it.

The cross-section shows that for a medium-rare burger patty, as I requested, it had no pink whatsoever. Even though the meat is very high-quality, it was too cooked, leaving the meat dry.
A shame.

The burger itself was well-thought. The portobello mushroom makes a good combination with the meat and sauce, having a warmer presence when eating it.

Maybe the best Movember burger they made up to this day, in my opinion.

Nothing fancy about them. Well fried and well-salted. Too “yellow” for my taste.

As a restaurant, Byron offers a small choice of beers and other alcoholic beverages.
They used to have Tatcher’s ciders, but have changed it to Pipsqueak (why the hell would you do that!?)

So, from the choice I had, this was the one

Brew Dog Punk IPA

First things first.
The can.
If I ever passed by one of these on a supermarket, I would think this is some kind of Asian beverage/soda.
The can is dramatic and different. Very nice appeal.

As an IPA, it’s a regular one. Persistent Lemongrass taste. Zesty. Good initial carbonation, but the head doesn’t last a bit.

A meal will set you back, typically 15 pounds per person. That includes a burger, fries and drinks.
This particular burger was 10 pounds.

The scores are

Food – 4.25/5
Choice of drinks – 3.5/5
Service – 4.25/5
Location – 5/5

I would rate more on the meat, but the medium-rares I ask, are *never* medium-rare.
A shame, as the meat is really good, but there is no moisture left to give it the taste I like about beef.I will come back to this place, and someone said the one from Clapham Junction is better.
Who knows?

Revolution – Richmond

Richmond is a wonderful place.

Even though it’s part of the Greater London, it doesn’t seem that way. It still looks, despite some modern buildings and big brand stores, like an idyllic village.
The river and the closeness to the Nature makes it a nice to place to shop, walk, chill and eat out.

Just next to the Thames there are various restaurants, and one of them is the Revolution Richmond.

Photo from the website.

The Revolution restaurants build their image around Vodka and vodka based/inspired foods and drinks. Using mainly the brand Stolichnaya they have a big offering of vodka cocktails.
But, despite all of that, there is also a good selection of bottled and draft ciders, beers and other drinks.

As for the food I normally go there for the pizza or the burgers.

This is the Peppercorn burger

I should say it is a strange offering.
In essence it’s a cheddar-cheese cheeseburger with onion rings and peppercorn sauce on the side.

The burger itself is really good. A fresh salad with a slightly sweet bun and very good quality beef patty, giving it a good crunch.
Definitely a high quality meat there with the cook knowing what he was doing.

The cheddar used wasn’t the best selection, in my opinion.

And why is this a peppercorn burger?
Because of the peppercorn sauce, of course!
It had a ready-made sauce base with some more pepper for extra “zing” which didn’t really connect with the burger itself, but it was a nice sauce for the fries. ´

Speaking of fries, they were very well fried, crispy with almost no soft flesh in the middle.

Overall, a nice burger but with a taste disconnect. It is a cheeseburger and the sauce isn’t appropriate.
The peppercorn sauce was mainly to give it a “gourmet” taste but that isn’t it’s place in my opinion.

Orchard Pig Reveller

For straight up cider I am more of a Tatcher’s guy and this Somerset cider (like Tatcher’s) is very similar.
Fresh, fruity, sweet and lightly acid.

Nice taste with persistent light carbonation.

In short a fresh cider that combines well with this sort of food and can be drank to enjoy at any time, as the taste profile isn’t complex.

Food – 4.25/5
Choice of drinks – 5/5
Service – 4/5
Location – 5/5

The White House – Guildford

A friend of mine was recommended this pub by some colleagues.
Just some hundred meters away from the high street and convenient to get to.

Inside is tidy and well kept pub. Very cosy.

There is a good selection of pub foods and various drinks.
I ended up getting the Texan Monty which has Monterey jack and bacon.

And this is the burger:

First I noticed was the onion ring. That’s not an onion ring!
That’s a battered half onion!

Huge to say the least. But it was as tasty as the size of it. For an onion ring.

Now for the burger

As mentioned before, it’s a Bacon Cheese Burger. Monterey Jack and the crispy bacon always are always a good team. I still like cheddar more in a burger, but the choice of ingredients was good, except for the onion which was a bit acidic.
The patty was medium-rare. Very tender and tasty. Nice seasoning with a spicy zing in the end.
Good texture. Good enough to make you want for more.

The sesame bun was well chosen. Soft, with good texture.

Normally I steer away from a pub-burger when there is some sort of advertisement to a a well known ale maker. The quality of the burgers, generally speaking, leave a lot be desired.
Definitely not the case here.

Now speaking of Ale

Honey Dew!

How was I able to let this past by me for so long?
Has a nice honey flavour without bringing too much sweetness into it. Very smooth palate and easy to drink.
Just perfect when feasting on a burger like that.

MissLilly – I had the Pumpkin & Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and it was really nice.  At first seems a quite small portion, but it’s very filling. Creamy enough and tasty. It’s a good option too if you don’t fancy a burger.

Go there.
Very good place to go. And very well staffed.

Food – 4.5/5
Choice of drinks – 4/5
Service – 5/5
Location – 5/5

P.S. The Focaccia bread was horrible. Avoid.

The Botanist – Kew, London

Today’s entry is about The Botanist in Kew.

Just next to Kew Green, very close to Kew gardens, there is a pub that brews their own beer. A selections of Ales, Stouts and seasonal offerings.

And if you do go there, don’t miss them!

Friendly atmosphere, with pub area and a small dining room.

Some pub food is also available, including the beef burger which I will talk about.

Meals are expensive. With the beef burger being 11.50GBP. That means a meal (Burger+beer) will set you back some 15 quid, with no problems whatsoever.

Bacon cheese burger.

The baps have no sesame, but are very regular. They come slightly toasted.

The bacon is unlike normal bacon from cheeseburgers. It’s more like a British twist on the BCB, as the bacon is the same as the one on a English Breakfast. A slab of fried pork bacon without any crunch. Tasty, though.

Cheese is a regular cheddar. Nothing much to say about it.

Tasting the patty shows that it is a very heavy and well-seasoned meat. High density of beef on a thick burger patty, providing some weight to ensemble cast. Slightly spicy and very tasty.

One of the complaints I normally have, is that the meat has a lot of air within. Even though it seems to be a fulfilling meal, it stops being satisfying after a short while (MacDonald’s, I’m looking at you). Not the case here. Each bite fills the mouth with flavour (and meat). And since it is quite a heavy burger, it is a decent meal.

Comes with some of the best fries out there, in my opinion (oh yes…). Crispy with skin-on. Slightly salted and very well fried.

Not sure about the onions and coleslaw. The latter tastes as if there was soap in it.
Area to improve, I suppose.

Friendly staff. Improved from the last year I have been living in the area,

One of my favourite drinks to have, and on of the reason why I got this blog up, is beer. And there is a good choice of micros.
I had a Skunk IPA (I think) and a Nemophilia.

The Skunk IPA is a reddish, slightly sour on the way in, but develops a nutty overtone and finishes sweet.

However the Nemophilia is a creamy, creamy stout. Very coffee and very appealing.


I will keep coming to this pub.

Food – 4/5
Choice of drinks – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Location – 4/5

H3 Hamburgers – Portugal

There is this burger “joint” franchise in Portugal that I would consider unorthodox but definitely one of the best there.

The concept is very different from MacDonald’s or Burger King, where it’s not really a restaurant with seats and not a fast-food place as well.

The meat is very high quality, tasty, well seasoned,cared after and definitely not rushed. You do have to wait a bit for your burger even after going through a considerable large queue.

Prices vary, but they go from ~5euros to 9 a meal. There is a selection of burgers, none of which are a “bacon cheese burger”, but rather a fusion of Portuguese cuisine and something not at all Portuguese, i.e. the burger.

This is the place

(The photo is not mine)

It’s called H3 “hamburgology” or something of sorts.

What I always have is a “Cheeseburger” with a fried egg. And a side of rice (as I can’t stand the fries).


The presentation is very “mom and dad” type of restaurant. So, it’s typical and basic.

The Mayo and ketchup are AMAZING. Fried egg done right and rice just perfect for this type of dish.


The burger is done on a grill in front of you. The taste of it is present and transforms the patty into a high quality burger. The cross-section of the patty shows that is cooked through and it’s a good quality meat.

Also recommended the bread version:

super bread h3

super bread h3

The same grilled burger in focaccia bread. Delicious! It’s a shame the chips, but the meat is definitely worth it.

Drinks wise, no real selection of beers mainly sodas. Good strawberry lemonade. Great value!

  • Food – 4/5
  • Choice of drinks – 2/5
  • Service – 3/5
  • Location – 5/5

Lamb & Mint Burger @ The lamb brewery

Lamb & Mint Burger @ The lamb Brewery

What a surprise! The burger is absolutely creamy with a soft mint flavour. Delicious!!! You can’t stop eating it.

The bread is soft and with a smooth sweet taste, which contrasts perfectly with the meat. The meat is absolutely gorgeous, creamy and melting.

The lamb Brewery

I really recommend a visit. First of all the place is very well located in Chiswick centre (so easily reachable by bus), plus it’s a lovely house with a nice beer garden outdoors. The staff is very friendly (but without being annoyingly too friendly), so all you need for a relaxing afternoon.

The brewery


Drinks Menu:

  • The dark matter – Oatmeal Stout

Very easy to drink and with a light flavour of chocolate (don’t worry, it doesn’t feel too sweet at all). I think it misses a bit more creamy texture and a long lasting flavour, but I guess it would then be too heavy. 4/5


  • Sneaky bastard

Nice pale ale. Easy on the palate. Few hops and a floral end.


  • 9 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London, W4 4PH

Location – Google Maps


  • Food – 4/5
  • Choice of drinks – 5/5
  • Service – 5/5
  • Location – 5/5