Honest Burgers, Soho – Honest Burger. A good burger takes time, honest

Trendy Soho has one of the most reputable and popular Hamburger houses in London.
The catch is that there is a waiting time can be some 30 or more minutes for a table, on a minuscule restaurant.

Honest burgers is really easy to miss as the Google Maps marker is set on Wardour Street, rather than on Meard Street.
Please make sure you go to the right place.

Seating inside is close to only 20. To make sure the queuing system is tidy, HB uses a texting system, where once the table is ready, a text message is sent to your phone.
So, shopping can still be done, or even going for some pints as a HB regular suggested, before getting back for your table. The wait is worth it.

The menu:

Not much choice, besides a couple of house specials for the day.
The Honest was the choice and here is the result after waiting around 15 minutes of wait

First of all, this place has the best gourmet burger meat I have ever tasted. Well aged, slightly smoked, melts on the mouth with a great palate which contrasts with sweet relish .
The cheddar was definitely a good choice, but the bacon was missed. Too missed. Can’t recall the taste of it.

These rosemary are a pretty bunch. And they taste of rosemary, too!
Most. Addicting. Fries. Ever.
The crispy ones are the best.

As for drinks, Sheppy’s Sommerset Draught. A typical dry Sommerset. Not many carbonation, fruity and light.

But the lemonade

Is the one to get. So fresh and tasty. Not too sweet and it wasn’t acid.
It is done with carbonated water.

Try this!

All taken into consideration, in my opinion, best Gourmet Burgers in town and well worth the wait.
Price is manageable. 14 Pounds per person. Other restaurants, sometimes will set you back extra 3ppp.

Food – 4.5/5
Choice of drinks – 2.5/5
Service – 5/5
Location – 5/5 (easy to get there, but easy to miss)

Highly recommended

Triple Cheesemas – Byron (Ho ho ho)

This December, Byron launched the most un-Christmas-y hamburger ever. There’s no reindeer meat or turkey between gingerbread buns.
Just two 6oz hamburgers with three different cheeses and a spicy sauce. Which is fine by me!

The burger itself is a tower oozing with cheese, that instead of being called “Triple Cheesemas” should have been called “triple bypass” or “I hate having low cholesterol”.
Still, fine by me!

There’s lettuce in there too, so it should make it a bit healthier.

Back from the last time, the grill seem to have improved, at least for this burger. I asked for medium-rare, and it came medium. Better than the well-done from last time.
With that, the flavour of the meat became more pronounced, as it had more juices from a less cooked patty.
The cheese choices were well thought. All the cheeses are noticeable and mingle well with the meat.
Byron’s sauce is also good. Slightly spicy, but not too much.
However, with loads of juices and sauces flowing around, having a go at this burger without a fork and a knife is downright impossible. The buns get too soaked and start to desintegrate.

All together, they make an enjoyable hamburger, albeit, not too healthy I assume.
Price too high at 12, but I’m sure some will pay for the novelty (like myself).

As for drinks,

Dale’s Pale Ale.
At first it seems smooth and sweet, but the flavour gets very hoppy and bitter.

Food – 4.25/5
Choice of drinks – 3.5/5
Service – 4.25/5
Location – 5/5

TGIF’s Kingston – The Monster ( not quite )

Grabbing a burger after work on a Friday is a relaxing affair, specially when going to a good venue like TGIF Kingston. One of my favourite places to grab some ribs or steak.

It’s a nice restaurant with a friendly staff, very decent barmen/maids and loads of Americana on the wall giving it a nice atmosphere, albeit too much “in your face” if I’m honest.
Loads of cocktails and drinks. Good selection of starters.

First, some mozzarella dippers

Not too fulfilling, but then again I went there for the burger.

And this was the selection. The monster:

Looking at it, despite the size, it looks pretty much underwhelming. The top bun makes the burger look strange, as it is way too big for the fillings, which are just dumped there to give some height.

The first issue I got with this burger, is not the looks, it’s actually with TGIF’s policy: well-done only. No exceptions.
It has to be a really good meat in order for that to work.


It isn’t.
The meat was too dry, and the patty was too dense and mediocre tasting. At that point the disappointment was evident.
Even though the toppings, like the bacon, are of good quality, the burger packed no punch. It had no charisma.
It’s a 14 pound burger and not a microwave meal at Tesco’s!

The fries are nice and tasty, and so was the sauce. The latter saved it somewhat. Gave it a little dimension on a otherwise irrelevant entry to this blog (which by itself is irrelevant, think about that).

The burger to get, if you really must, is the Jack Daniel’s one. That sauce changes the beef completely.
However, the chicken burger “French Canadian” (which I’ve tried before), it’s a much better choice in my opinion.

Like mentioned before, TGIF’s offers a good selection of drinks, including beers and ciders.

Magners Pear is a great Perry. Very refreshing and fruity with some carbonation.

The staff should be mentioned. They will bend backwards for you. Always friendly and there to help.

Food – 2.5/5
Choice of drinks – 5/5
Service – 5/5
Location – 5/5

My recommendation: get the ribs. With Jack Daniels sauce. Oh yes.