The White House – Guildford

A friend of mine was recommended this pub by some colleagues.
Just some hundred meters away from the high street and convenient to get to.

Inside is tidy and well kept pub. Very cosy.

There is a good selection of pub foods and various drinks.
I ended up getting the Texan Monty which has Monterey jack and bacon.

And this is the burger:

First I noticed was the onion ring. That’s not an onion ring!
That’s a battered half onion!

Huge to say the least. But it was as tasty as the size of it. For an onion ring.

Now for the burger

As mentioned before, it’s a Bacon Cheese Burger. Monterey Jack and the crispy bacon always are always a good team. I still like cheddar more in a burger, but the choice of ingredients was good, except for the onion which was a bit acidic.
The patty was medium-rare. Very tender and tasty. Nice seasoning with a spicy zing in the end.
Good texture. Good enough to make you want for more.

The sesame bun was well chosen. Soft, with good texture.

Normally I steer away from a pub-burger when there is some sort of advertisement to a a well known ale maker. The quality of the burgers, generally speaking, leave a lot be desired.
Definitely not the case here.

Now speaking of Ale

Honey Dew!

How was I able to let this past by me for so long?
Has a nice honey flavour without bringing too much sweetness into it. Very smooth palate and easy to drink.
Just perfect when feasting on a burger like that.

MissLilly – I had the Pumpkin & Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and it was really nice.  At first seems a quite small portion, but it’s very filling. Creamy enough and tasty. It’s a good option too if you don’t fancy a burger.

Go there.
Very good place to go. And very well staffed.

Food – 4.5/5
Choice of drinks – 4/5
Service – 5/5
Location – 5/5

P.S. The Focaccia bread was horrible. Avoid.

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