H3 Hamburgers – Portugal

There is this burger “joint” franchise in Portugal that I would consider unorthodox but definitely one of the best there.

The concept is very different from MacDonald’s or Burger King, where it’s not really a restaurant with seats and not a fast-food place as well.

The meat is very high quality, tasty, well seasoned,cared after and definitely not rushed. You do have to wait a bit for your burger even after going through a considerable large queue.

Prices vary, but they go from ~5euros to 9 a meal. There is a selection of burgers, none of which are a “bacon cheese burger”, but rather a fusion of Portuguese cuisine and something not at all Portuguese, i.e. the burger.

This is the place

(The photo is not mine)

It’s called H3 “hamburgology” or something of sorts.

What I always have is a “Cheeseburger” with a fried egg. And a side of rice (as I can’t stand the fries).


The presentation is very “mom and dad” type of restaurant. So, it’s typical and basic.

The Mayo and ketchup are AMAZING. Fried egg done right and rice just perfect for this type of dish.


The burger is done on a grill in front of you. The taste of it is present and transforms the patty into a high quality burger. The cross-section of the patty shows that is cooked through and it’s a good quality meat.

Also recommended the bread version:

super bread h3

super bread h3

The same grilled burger in focaccia bread. Delicious! It’s a shame the chips, but the meat is definitely worth it.

Drinks wise, no real selection of beers mainly sodas. Good strawberry lemonade. Great value!

  • Food – 4/5
  • Choice of drinks – 2/5
  • Service – 3/5
  • Location – 5/5

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